Days Leading up to first day at Harman

I landed a marketing internship with Harman Signal Processing through a client of my father’s. My dad is self-emplyed as a fishing boat captain and began working with a man who is the CEO of the foreign division of Harman. His client was nice enough to put in a good word for me at one of the company’s headquarters in South Jordan, Utah.¬†I believe this campus is where most of the DigiTech brand operates.

The last week was spent flying out to Salt Lake City (where I will be residing for the summer), signing a lease on an apartment and getting my life in order and prepared for this new internship. I spoke on the phone with one of my supervisors beforehand and he asked me to explain my goals for the summer to him, and they would see where they could fit me. I said that I am mainly focused on audio recording and production, but am eager to gain any kind of experience and hands-on work as I can.

I am incredibly excited to get started. While I’m not entirely sure what kind of responsibilities I will have on a day-to-day basis, I truly am interested in anything they can throw at me. My first day is June 1st, this coming Monday.

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  1. The connection through your father makes an excellent point: so many jobs come through who you know and not necessarily what you know. You said that you would be in the Marketing department. Will you have any interaction with other parts of the company, like product design? It would be cool to gain some insight into how things are made.

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