During the Baseball Game

On Wednesday April 25th at 5:00pm Andrew worked the baseball game. Jeffrey assigned him to the audio room to control the ambient sound,announcers’ headphones, and the black storm. He had to listen in on what Jeffrey wanted him to either turn up or down. He could only speak through the headsets if anyone in the trailer needed something.He had to mute everything when commercial was about to start and to unmut everything when the game was about to come back on by listening to the count down. Also, he had to watch the levels to make sure that they did not turn red, which indicated that it was too loud. They had to remain in the yellow indicator that showed everything sounded normal. All the sounds had to be mix together in order for the meter to take in the sound properly. After the game ended he had to stop the taps from recording. Some of the things that Andrew wished that he could have learned was being able to learn the different color switches that helped control each sound effects.Also, he wished that he could have taken a break from the audio for at least an hour and been behind one of the cameras during the game.

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  1. I’m curious: what is the “black storm”?

    I know you would rather be behind the camera, but it is good to learn the audio desk too. Being able to sit in when there is a need can be a valuable additional skill on your resume.

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