Easter Recovery and Success

So the big event was last Sunday and it went incredibly well! We had the largest Sunday Soul Brunch ever with 225 people attending, but it required much more planning and organizing than a regular Sunday Soul Brunch.  The residential pastor, Kathy, called one of our strategies “Cheesecake factory-ing” where we would walk each group to their reserved table in order to avoid chair stealing, table mixing, and general chaos. It worked great!

The special poster we had created for the event was definitely tough to agree on, and I was the monkey-in-the-middle as each supervisor liked/disliked different aspects of the design. Eventually we did find one that most of us agreed upon, but there wasn’t a 100% satisfaction rate. The majority of the problems came from a branding standpoint. Collective Church is very stern (and rightly so) about keeping their brand and their look consistent. This means using the same type family and design style throughout everything I make, and has gotten me to be used to designing for the purpose of the brand. I won’t doubt that’ll be handy to mention in the future as I expand my horizons and enter different working environments.

For the rest of the semester, there’s not too much to do in regards to big events. There is the next Sunday Soul Brunch next month, and there are always Sunday Services to create Facebook graphics for! We’re starting a new series names “Badass Lady Preachers” and I’m focused on creating something that conveys a symbol of “badass womanhood” instead of just “being female.” We have this Tuesday off because of all the hard work we put into last Sunday, and even then I’m constantly on the look-out for something that’ll aid Collective’s brand for each Sunday to come.

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  1. Learning to reconcile the design opinions from multiple people is a tough task, but one that you will likely face again and again. The better you are at doing this, the more valuable you will be to an organization. As uncomfortable as you might have been, be thankful for this experience!

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