Editing Process at ITProTV

Initially, I was under the impression I would be doing a lot of editing when I first arrived at ITProTV but then I was told that I would only be doing switching (switching camera angles during live shows, setting titles, and taking notes) but now in my second month I have been able to edit multiple videos. In the beginning I was supervised but now they let me edit freely and review it afterwards. I like that they review it afterwards because the process in which they edit is different from any that I ever done before; there is more of a structure and a rhythm.

In my first year at Stetson I learned Final Cut and Premiere Pro learning the basics and then got more advanced in my second year. This has proved helpful when I do get to edit for ITProTV. To start, we take the file name for an episode and we set the scratch disks to the corresponding folder. Once everything is set to the correct folder we import the clean feed and program feed of the shows into the project. The clean feed is the recording that only has the camera shots of the hosts. The program feed has the ITProTV logo in the bottom left corner and includes all effects created before shooting. Depending on whether the episode had any mistakes during shooting or not, we place the program feed into the sequence and if there is a problem we can use the clean feed to fix any mistakes that involve effects. For a show that has no mistakes in it, we simply cut the front of the clip off right before the intro starts and cut off the end after the outro. At the end of the outro we set the default transitions on it to black out. After we fix the beginning and ending, we need to take two screenshots, one of both hosts smiling at the end of the show looking at the camera and another one of the host who is teaching the lesson in an action motion. When it comes to shows with multiple edits it is a case by case basis on what we need to do and that is where our editing skills come in.

I was not used to such structure to editing videos, I usually do whatever I can to get the desired effect and look but now I understand why it is necessary. If we did not have a set way to edit for ITProTV videos there would be no possibility of a good, healthy work flow where we can get everything done in a timely manner.