endstation week 2

This week our main focus was completing the brick walls for the set of Million Dollar Quartet. We painted flats that were faced with vacuform brick sheets. The vacuform brick sheets were pre-primed and we went over that with a white base coat. Next we did a 3 process Payne’s grey mottled wash to tone the mortar.

We went over top of this while it was still damp and used the Payne’s grey in a mister to do a toning/textured spray. After that layer was completely dry we layed in individual brick colors (4 colors) creating a highlight in the center of each wall. 

After that we did a Burnt Sienna semi-gloss glaze (very transparent) over the base brick color.

We followed this with a Burnt Sienna semi-gloss glaze in a mottled wash over entire wall, toning corners and enhancing distressed areas on the wall.

The final step was another layer of the Payne’s grey  toning/textured spray.

Two of the brick walls will have signs painted onto them, we have started on the wall that will have the Sun Studio sign on it. While I am not painting that sign, I assisted with the laying out of the rings that make up the sign.

Other than the brick, we have been working on painting the “interior” walls and trim. The process for the walls started with a base coat of white and were followed by two coats of a green color that I mixed last week. The process for the trim was a base white coat followed by two coats of an off-white color.

We have just started painting the tiles that will make up the tile floor. Originally the plan was to paint them onto the existing stage floor but when we painted out the base color the gaff tape that is covering the slight elevation differences of the floor, the paint caused the tape to curl. Now we are laying down individual tiles instead.



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  1. Good description and photo documentation of the process for this! You mention Sun Studio, which is an important place in the history of recording arts (close to my world). That brick is a pretty good facsimile of building exterior. I’m assuming you weren’t in on the design process, but did you look to reference photos while painting?

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