endstation week 3

The rest of last week we worked on painting “speakers”, painting a tile floor, and doing touch ups on the set.

The speakers were made of a wooden frame with muslin attached to the back. Previously we went through the same process on the wooden frames to make them look like the same wood as the floor boards and we also sized the muslin. Last week we were working on painting the actual speaker faces. There were three different base colors for the background of the speakers and we randomly chose which speakers would be which colors but they all went through the same gradient process. After we had put this layer on all the speakers and let them dry we gathered different materials from the shop to use as stencils for the different shapes of the speaker faces. We used objects such as 5 gallon buckets, different sized cups, paint can lids, wooden circles, pipe couplings, door knobs, wooden blocks, and storage drawers. Finding the objects and figuring out the order they would go in was actually super fun because we had to really think outside the box to find things to use that would be the correct size. We then stenciled out the shapes of the speaker faces and got to work painting them.

While the colors we used were all in the same scheme they varied from person to person. We mixed all the colors from the same base colors but from there it was up to the individual painters. It was very important to use highlights and shadows and colors that were bold so that they could be seen from the audience.

When assembled the speakers formed an entire speaker wall as you can see in the image of the set, the speaker wall is on stage right (the left side of the picture).

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  1. Those speakers looks great! I really like how you have documented the process of these projects. This will be great material eventually for your professional portfolio. Reading through the process and seeing the in progress photos helps me understand better than a single final image would.

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