endstation week 5

This was the second week of Embark, the structure of this week was the same except we had a showcase on saturday. This showcase was not like an ordinary showcase that you would see at a theatre camp where they would probably performing a show or they would have at least been rehearsing specific things the whole time to perform at the end. Instead, this showcase showed one activity that we did in each class for each group. Each group performed a different activity for their classes even if they had done the same activity as another group in their class. For improv the C1’s did ata-freeze and for acting the C1’s performed the Pledge of Allegiance with different “intentions” each time, the intentions they did at the showcase were using the pledge to intimidate someone, to sooth a scared bunny, and to be threatened. The C3’s played a game called Ant Farm for improv, Ant Farm is a game where you start with having a group of improvisers onstage in a line, two of them step forward and they are given a location or theme. They are then told flail and they begin to flail their bodies and when the prompter says stop they must freeze and begin a scene starting from that position. Whatever character they choose to be is the character that they will be for the duration of the game, it is key that they make a bold physical and vocal choice for their character. Now, as the scene is going along one of the improvisers in the back will clap their hands and tag one of the two people onstage out and they will create a character and begin a scene (going along with the location or theme). This continues on for the duration of the game and each improviser may only ever play the character that they started off with. For acting, the C3’s did two person scenes, these scenes were all done using the same scripts. At the beginning of the two weeks they were handed a page long script and asked to memorize it. Then during the two weeks we worked on how you could make the scenes be about anything even if you were using the same words because it is not about what you say, its about how you say it.

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  1. Seems like you are talking about “prosody”. Might be a good word for you to work into your vocabulary.

    An obsrvation about your writing here: you have a lot of ideas connected by only commas that tip into run-on sentences in a few places. This coupled with the single paragraph gives your writing a breath-less quality that is taxing on your reader (me). It’s ok for blogging, but make sure you address this in your final essay. That essay should be ready for potential employers to read it, so it needs a bit more polish.

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