endstation week 6

This week was a sort of odd week for me because it was in between Embark and the start of my rehearsals for the show I am stage managing. Most of the week I was on paints during the day painting smaller things that needed to be completed for the second show of the season, The History of America (abridged). My favorite thing that I painted this week was a giant bullet. I actually cut it out and painted it, I cut it out with a jig saw, sanded it, and then did a 4 color blend for the paint. In the evenings I was working front of house for Million Dollar Quartet, for this I was working in the box office doing will call tickets. After the show had started, I helped organize all the tickets so that we could cross check our records and make sure everyone was checked in on the computer. Once this was done, I filed the next night’s will call tickets by last name into the file folders.  Towards the end of the week HOA had moved out of the rehearsal space and it was my turn prepare the space for The Whipping Man rehearsals. First I had to clean the space and rearrange the furniture in the room to make room to tape out the floor. Taping out the floor is when you are using tape to mark on the floor where everything on the ground plan will be. For WM we have two platforms, 3 steps, and 5 pillars on the ground plan, so as ground plans go it was fairly simple. It is crucial to tape out the floor before rehearsals start because without the tape, the director cannot start giving the actors blocking because they do not know the dimensions of the space so if they were to start blocking, they would have to re-block everything once the set was taped.

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  1. I like the accounting of how you spend a typical day, but get a little lost in the processional ordering (this, then that, next this other thing, etc). Perhaps you could outline one or two sample daily schedules like this:

    10am-2pm painting
    2-6pm show prep
    6-9pm work front of house

    Of course, I am making up times, but hopefully you get the idea. That would be a clearer way to outline the various parts of your day. Doesn’t need to be too granular in detail.

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