endstation week 7

This was my first week of WM rehearsals. We started on Monday with an orientation of the company for the actors and then moved onto a read through of the script. We have an advisor from the local synagogue who came to the read through and has since been to a few rehearsals to help us to make sure we accurately and sensitively depict the jewish material in the script. The second half of the day we started blocking the show very roughly with the actors moving where and when they felt they should move with director staying mostly hands off the first time and then adjusting things as we moved further along. Within the next three days we had blocked the whole show and moved on to working on the nuances of movement and line delivery. There are only three actors in the show and in the first scene of the show one of them gets his leg amputated and then spends the rest of the show stationary on the chaise, this means that most of the blocking is only for 2 of the actors in the show. The most challenging piece of blocking is the amputation scene (pictured below) because we have to carefully choreograph the struggle to ensure the actor’s safety and because when Simon and Caleb are covered by the blanket, Simon has to continue the sawing motion while taking off the clean apron, putting on a bloody apron, take the tourniquet off of Caleb’s leg, put caleb’s leg into the hole in the chaise, cover up the “amputated” leg, and put the saw, biting stick, and clean apron into the tool box. This show  will be preformed in a building in Miller Park called the Aviary and will be staged in the round. The drawing below is the ground plan for the show which shows the three platforms in the aviary surrounded by the seating that we will be bringing in.

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  1. Sounds like some complex choreography. Where you actively involved in figuring this out, or did you simply take cues from the director?

    1. It was my job to take down the blocking that the director created, I was not active in creating the blocking.

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