endstation week 8

This was the second and last week of Whipping Man rehearsals before we were to move into The Aviary. We started monday’s rehearsal by breaking down and working in depth on the amputation scene (the end of act 1 scene 1) and when that felt comfortable with it we ran the entirety of act 1 scene 1. After running this scene and taking notes on trouble spots we went back and worked those trouble spots until they ran smoothly. After dinner break we moved onto act 1 scenes 2 and 3 and worked through those. On tuesday we finished our work with act 1 scene 3 and then did a full run of act 1. Wednesday morning we had an interview with the local newspaper, which turned into our production being the front page article of the paper (article link at bottom of page). After the interview we went straight into rehearsing act 2 scene 1 which is Caleb’s letter. The tricky part of the letter was that there is an underscore for the letter so it had to be timed correctly so that the pauses and movements of the underscore matched up with the reading (sound cloud file at bottom of page). We then moved on to act 2 scene 2 and focused a lot on the very end of the scene, seeing as this was the final moment of the show. When we finished with this we did a full run of act 2. Thursday and friday we jumped around quite a bit running each act and working the trouble spots, both days ending with a run of the act that we worked on that day. Saturday we did a full run through of the show and invited the designers and crew members of the show to watch and make any notes of questions or concerns they had regarding things they noticed that would possibly need to be changed before or during tech week. This was also the only time that the crew members working backstage would be able to sit down and watch the show since they would not be able to watch it from their backstage positions.


Newspaper article: http://www.newsadvance.com/the_burg/features/uncomfortable-truths-endstation-theatre-company-ends-season-with-the-whipping/article_7135b08b-7816-5431-84ff-1bd73bc1b917.html

Sound cloud files (letter underscore):

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