endstation week 9 part 1: Tech Week

The first half of this week is tech week! Tech week for Whipping Man goes from sunday to wednesday, starting with load-in on sunday. Load-in is when the set and electrics are moved into the space, in our case the space is The Aviary! On this day I was in the shop back on campus helping get the props caught up so that we would have them for our spacing rehearsal on tuesday. I worked on a few different props on sunday, mostly making props look like they were old and worn, such as taking glass bottles and painting them to make them look dusty and dirty. Monday morning I was over at the Aviary with cast, director, and artistic director to do video interviews for marketing videos. Once the interviews were over the cast was dismissed until the evening when they came back and we did a spacing rehearsal with the cast actually on the platforms for the first time. Our spacing rehearsal ended up turning into a run through so we ended up going through the entire show. On tuesday we had a short rehearsal in the early afternoon working the “fight call scenes” and a few other heavier blocking areas. There were two fight call scenes in the show, the first being the amputation, and the second being the scene where Simon is physically threatening and hitting John. Tuesday night we did a cue to cue where we skipped through the show jumping from cue to cue, working out the timing for lighting and sound cues. Wednesday afternoon we did a tech run followed by the final dress rehearsal in the evening. After final dress we ran through all of the scene transitions to make sure everything that happened during the transitions was running as quickly and smoothly as possible.


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