endstation week 9 part 2: Before The Show

Between final dress rehearsal and the opening of the show most of what I had to do was paperwork. We had some miscommunication and timing issues with props during this week and from a suggestion of my supervisor, I created a few pieces of detailed paperwork showing where things should be at what time and what time I wanted this started and completed by before the show each night. I created three different pieces of paperwork, each having basically the same information but formatted differently to help at different times before, during, and after the show.

The props tracking list (see sample below) details what page the prop starts its track, what the name of the prop is, where it starts, who picks it up, where it ends, and whether or not that prop has any more tracking after.

The props location list breaks down where each prop should be at the top of the show. For bags the list includes the contents of each bag and for items with multiples it includes how many of each item there are. This is also the list that I use at the top of the show to check the props to make sure everything is where it needs to be.

The props pre-show and post-show list has a detailed time breakdown of each task that needed to be completed and what time I expected that task to begin by. This was probably the most helpful piece of props paperwork because it allowed me to know what was supposed to be happening at specific times so that I would know right away if we were ahead or behind schedule. This also ensured that everything was in place and had been checked by the time I had actors onstage for fight call.

With the addition of these three pieces of paperwork, my pre-show process was a lot smoother and I could more confidently check in with other departments and continue with my pre-show duties and not have to constantly check in with props to make sure everything was getting done in a timely manner.

One thought on “endstation week 9 part 2: Before The Show”

  1. This show sounds amazing from your descriptions. I wish I could have seen the performance.

    Thanks for this insight into your pre-show organization. Lists are a good way to get things out of your head. The more you try to hold in your mind, the harder it can be to focus. By putting things down on paper (or in a digital file), you actually free up mental energy for other things. Always a good thing!

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