Evaluating Errors and Creative Solutions

My draft took slightly longer than I expected it to since I have yet to figure out how to diffuse the gradient for the backgrounds shadow in illustrator. This has so far created an issue with too harsh of a contrast of the colors I decided to go with, which were shades of orange, red, and yellow. I attempted to use the gradient tool alone, but I couldn’t get the angle just right no matter how much I played around with it.

I went over this issue with Joel in our meeting and he agreed that it didn’t suit the overall look. I got a lot of other feedback from him about the first draft during the meeting and I’ll admit I feel slightly discouraged, but now I have a lot to reflect on and learn from for other projects.

The main issues being the color palette which was compared to Halloween rather than a winter event. It also didn’t fit to the “Stetson brand”, which I wasn’t aware existed until noted by Sonja and they showed me the list of typical things that the school tries to stick to. Now that I know what the schools brand is I have a more specific idea of what I can work with and I’m starting fresh with a new concept and design thats minimalistic.

In reevaluating my font choices I have found a thinner sans-script font, in addition to a new graphic to replace my old hand-drawn illustration. Let’s hope my next design works out better than I imagined in my head.