Evaluating Stetson Traditions

Today I had my first meeting with my internship supervisor and another advisor at marketing office to talk about my first major assignment that I’ll get to have creative liberty over. For the most part I’m greatly excited, yet nervous about venturing into this realm of graphic design that I’m not completely used to. Since most of my background is in photography and less about graphic design I’m hoping to push myself outside my comfort zone and learn more by being actively involved.

For my first task of the assignment, I am creating several drafts and sketches of possible layouts for the upcoming Yule Log Lighting that Stetson hosts every year in the winter. Joel and Sonja have encouraged me to research the previous years Yule Log Lightings and how it was promoted in the schools publications, and I haven’t found as much information as I’d like in the schools archives. In most of the student publication articles that I found the same activities are held in December with little variation, including candle lighting, Christmas carols, and ┬áthe Yule log lighting.

Of the most odd traditions of the Yule log lighting, they usually serve hot chocolate and cookies at the event, which I think isn’t the best choice considering we live in Florida and don’t get much cold weather. Despite this impractical drink choice, I’m looking forward to learning more about it and coming up with some ideas for the project that will give me a clue what to include on the flyer without it being so long that the reader loses attention.

On that note, I leave this entry with a few budding ideas and the hope that I can explain it well enough with a few scribbles on notebook paper.