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Throughout the summer I’ve been helping the Continuing Education and Outreach Graduate Assistant, Salman¬†Mujtaba, revamp the department’s website: adding photos, switching layouts, updating information, etc.

As part of my meetings with University Marketing, I spent a day with Jordan Foley. Jordan is one of the web editors for Stetson, and he’s constantly working on projects. Diving into Web Garage, the system Stetson uses for making webpages, I learned that Stetson’s website is HUGE! I know websites have a lot of pages but MY GOODNESS I never knew it could be that many!

Anyways, to help relieve Jordan, I helped him with Stetson’s¬†Faculty Web pages. So each faculty member has their own web page with information they submit to Web Services. I went through the forms and added any new information to the pages.

There were quite a few pages that didn’t exist because the forms were for new faculty members, so it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Currently Stetson is changing the layout for these faculty web pages. Instead of having everything just layed out and you have to scroll through a lot of things, the pages will now feature accordians. It looks a lot cleaner and that’s ultimately the goal for Stetson’s site. They want things to look clean and easy to navigate.

Helping Jordan with this project I realized how much work being a Web Editor is. It’s a lot of double checking information, making sure the formatting is correct, checking links, checking code, etc. It’s a lot and while it’s cool to be a part of, I can tell that it’s not something for me. So props to anybody that loves coding and is passionate about coding, like I WISH. I’ll stick to using the visual editor in Web Garage and call Web Services if I need help.

Thanks friends.

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  1. Jordan is a good guy with a big job. The Stetson website is sprawling, and Jordan and the web team have to keep track of it all.

    I assume the faculty profiles you are writing about are here. The accordion style would be a good addition and make it more consistent with the other pages. I just hope they don’t change the URL format.

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