Feb 11 – Busy Broadcast Week!

This week was a busy week for us at Stetson Broadcasting! We had four home games to broadcast, all basketball games this week. Early in the week in prep for the upcoming games I asked about getting full body jpegs of the players so that I could insert them into the broadcast to make it look a little better. I’m including one of the examples I did of Abayomi Iyiola. (one of about 10) It was nice being able to help out with the cutouts and being able to use them during our broadcasts. I’d love to start getting pictures and action shots of the players during the game so that we can cut them out and use them as thumbnails for play of the game or something along those lines. In the future I’m hoping to start working on some motion graphics that I can leave with the broadcast team after I graduate. Looking forward to the double header on the 23rd!

One thought on “Feb 11 – Busy Broadcast Week!”

  1. This sounds like a good project, Alex. You have done a good job of conveying how this was done by showing the original photo of this player, his cut out, then within the graphic. That sort of series makes a better portfolio item because it conveys process.

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