Feb 18 – Headshots!

After the previous super busy week it was nice to slow back down so I could study for my upcoming midterms. My supervisor got back to me after I submitted those cutouts I did for the men’s basketball team. He said the headshots were really good and asked me to continue doing them for the broadcast team! That week I proceeded to do cutouts for all of the women’s lacrosse team and the men’s baseball team – 67 headshots in total. I’m used to doing work in Photoshop but I had never done so many at one time so the experience really helped me streamline my process within Photoshop.  On Wednesday we had a double header for both men’s and women’s basketball. For the first game, I attended my usual position as graphics operator but we changed it open for the open of the second game which was pretty cool. They let me work as the Technical Director! The Technical Director’s job is to basically cut between live shots on the Director’s cue. The TD is the one controlling all of the transitions during the game and switching into the replay system if necessary. It was a lot of fun trying out a different position but also pretty humbling. I forget sometimes just how much goes into the process of airing a single game and how much responsibility goes into each broadcast member. Everyone does a really great job and I’m proud to be a part of our broadcast. Hopefully as the semester goes by I’ll be able to branch out a bit more and try a few more positions.

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  1. That is a very good insight that repetitive tasks help you streamline the process. That is something that is really hard to implement in the classroom, because I suspect students would revolt if we made them do something 67 times! Glad you are also getting to diversify your role in the broadcast team.

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