Final Blog Post

Hello, everyone! Summer is coming to an end and my internship is over, so this will be my final blog post. I have much to share about what I have been doing the past couple weeks and how much I’ve learned from this internship.

The past couple weeks have been spent making the finishing touches to my digital Disney guide, and half of this time was spent at Walt Disney World. My friends invited me down for a trip and I took the opportunity to take photos for the guide. I needed photos of Toy Story Land, a water park, and a snack, which I have provided in the final product. I also added a few graphic designs, cleaned up a few images with Photoshop (increasing the lighting and saturation, for example, and for the cover photo I used the blur tool to remove the edges of the fish eye lens that was used to take the photo) and rearranged some of the photos and wording at the request of my boss. You will find the guide attached as a PDF. When my boss comes back from vacation, she will format the guide as a digital flip book and upload it to Chesapeake Family’s website.

I’ve definitely learned a lot during this internship, such as what its like to have a job. This internship was like an actual “job,” which I’d never had before, and it’s prepared me for when I will officially enter the workforce. I learned new digital techniques (learning how to use InDesign and some new Photoshop and Illustrator techniques), and the internship has made me think about what I would like to do for my digital arts career. I enjoyed all the art that I created, but I think my favorite part was going outside and doing photography because I don’t like staying inside a cubicle for long periods of time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed using the Adobe software, but I love to explore the outside and to be interactive, and I want to make sure that I will be able to do that in whatever career I end up doing later in life.

Well, here’s the digital guide, and a few ads I made that appear on the magazine’s social media. I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to the new school year!

disney bucket list final product