Final portfolio guidelines

All portfolio materials must be submitted electronically. It is best to organize your materials into three folders: blog posts, essay, documentation. You can then deposit all necessary files into these discrete folders.

For your blog posts, I would like you to export these from our WordPress site. You can do this by either printing individual posts to PDF (Mac or Windows), or copying and pasting the text into a Word DOC.

For your final reflection essay, I would like this in DOC or DOCX format. This allows me some control over text size and spacing, which makes it easier to read. PDF is also acceptable.

Your outside supervisor letter should NOT come with your portfolio materials. Instead, I need to receive it either on paper in a sealed envelope, or as an email from the supervisor directly to me. This is important because it can then serve as a confidential reference letter should you need it at a later date. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your outside supervisor submits this letter, and there is a grade penalty detailed in the syllabus for when it is missing.

Your documentation is the most variable piece of the portfolio. It may be pictures, page layouts, videos, audio, or some other form of media, but they all must be offline. I will not accept links to online material here, and the reason is future oriented. The internet is dynamic thing and websites can disappear or simply be redesigned. Hopefully, by depositing a copy with me and keeping one for yourself, we increase the likelihood that this material will survive.

Once you have all of these materials gathered together, you can simply ZIP them together into a single archive (Mac or Windows). If the ZIP archive is small enough, you can send it to me by attaching it to an email. If it is too large, you may need to send it through a service like Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.

If you cannot send your files through email or sharing service, I will accept them on either USB thumb drive or SD card.

Finally, you must submit your internship portfolio to me before the last day of scheduled exams for the term OR make alternate arrangements for portfolio submission. Because of the paperwork involved, I can not assign an incomplete unless we have agreed to this well in advance. It’s not a last minute solution, so make sure you are working well ahead of the deadline.