Final Presentation and Courtesy Hold

Besides doing the weekly reports, I have been taking part in other projects.

The first one was doing a quality assurance report for the newly launched Courtesy Hold emails. Courtesy hold is when a user goes through the booking engine and instead of paying for the cruise, he holds the reservation. Depending on the cruise, the hold can last either 48, 24, 12, 8 or 2 hrs. My job was to create different users, make different courtesy holds and receive the 5 personalized emails stating how many hours I had left until the hold expired. The order of the emails enter as the following: email confirmation (5 min after hold), email remainder (12 hrs left), email reminder¬†(2 hrs left), hold extension (1 hr left), and the expiration email. I had to create 5 email accounts, reserve multiple cruises and write down all of my findings. This wasn’t a hard project, but just tedious. Since I wasn’t getting all of the emails, the campaign will not launch until next week even though it was due last week.

The other project, which has a high priority, is to present a personalization program update to the VP of marketing of CCL. Besides being very important, is also scary since I’m the only intern that has ever presented to her. However, I’m getting help from my supervisor and co-workers to make it perfect. In this presentation I will show her all the projects the whole personalization team has been working on, including the status of each one, their objective, and their performance. It’s not a hard presentation to make, however, it has to have the right balance between being detailed and being straight forward. Currently, this is the project I have been working on. I will present the update to the Director of E-Commerce next week, and the to the VP in the beginning of August.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting some good lessons in how testing is done in the workplace through the email campaign. Remember that as you start to work on your senior project. Testing is key to ensuring success in the final presentation. Same goes with the presentation to the VP, except there we call it practice. But the same principle applies in both!

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