First Day at DME (Summer Internship)

Monday March 11th I started my Summer internship at DME in Daytona Beach Florida. I started at 10:00 and ended at 3:00 my main schedule is Monday-Wedneday reaching 15 plus hours a week. Today I met Anna a Graphic Designer here at DME she is my main mentor and guides me in the right direction when working on projects. I also was able to meet the entire team which I found very large and amusing. Today I did mainly research on the companies website along with  “GiftSkin” – one website that the company uses. This website allows customers to pick and design there own gift wrapping paper! They can choose from many designs that the designers create here at DME or they can make their own. Today I learned much about the company and what projects I will be working on this summer. My first project coming up is to design and make Fathers Day gift wrapping paper. I design this through Adobe illustrator, Photoshop and working in CMYK, since it’s ultimately a print document. Today I was able to take notes and come up with my own ideas; I even was able to through a sketch together for my first project. I am looking forward to learning much more and gaining real life experience here at DME. I am super excited to be creating many designs and patterns for cards, wrapping paper, wall paper..,etc. It is awesome knowing that I am designing and creating wrapping paper for clients!



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  1. Custom wrapping paper? That sounds like a cool concept. Did they give you a sense of how much traffic it draws? It’s sometime amazing that a simple idea like this can pull in massive amounts of customers.

    1. It is really cool to be able to design simple ideas that I have come up with and see them go up on the website. We are still in the process of putting them up on Gift Skins ( companies website). It is surprising to see how many orders we get in daily. The first thing I do when I get here in the morning is check my DME email. I go through all the purchased items and what customer have been purchasing on the Gift Skins website. You would be surprised to see how much business DME gets all for simple businesses cards, invitations, wrapping paper etc..!!

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