First Day At ITProTV

Yesterday was my first day at my internship with ITProTV and it also happened to be my first day back in America from studying abroad in Norway. Everyone at the office was very welcoming upon my arrival which made for a great first day back in Florida! The day started out with an 8:30am meeting with everyone in a circle which they do every morning before they start the day. I really like this aspect of the internship so far because while in the circle everyone in the office has to talk about the successes they have had the day before and what they are looking forward to in the day; it is a very positive beginning to a work day. After the meeting I was shown around the office and shown the blueprints of the new office building they will be moving into at the end of the summer by my supervisor. They have two studio set ups at the moment, a large one and a smaller one (there will be five different studios in the new building) and a couple different spaces for developers, editors, etc. After my supervisor showed me around the office we started getting into exactly what I will be doing soon enough, once I get the hang of things. I shadowed two people who worked with editing shows and who worked at the switchboard during live shows. They went into 90% of what I needed to learn throughout the day (I need to do some shadowing when they are editing next), which was quite helpful because now I am confident I will get used to everything much faster. I learned about how to set up the studios, how to use the switchboard, how to change settings on it, how to take notes while recording a show, how to work with the audio, and what to do when a host during a show or yourself makes a mistake during the recording. Everyone in the office is clearly a passionate hard worker and I love being around people who enjoy what they do while doing it the best way they can. A fun fact about the office when there is downtime (such as when a video is rendering or when there is nothing to do in between shows) they have a Pac Man machine and a freezer full of popsicles to keep up morale. One negative about my first day, however, was that no one went over logistics of clocking in/out, who I speak to if I get sick and need to take a day off, or exactly when the work day is over; I plan on bringing this up on Monday so that I can be clear on the matter. Given all that, I think I am going to have a great summer working with ITProTV!

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  1. Sounds like they have a pretty good culture in their office. A simple morning check in with your colleagues can be very helpful. When I was in Norway, everybody ate lunch together and discussed the projects they were working on. It really helps with cross fertilization of ideas in a creative environment. We don’t have that as much at the university, since everyone is on such different schedules. I’ll be interested to hear how you think this impacts your day to day work.

    Regarding your more foundational questions: Good to have answers to these early in your internship! Definitely don’t wait to get answers.

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