First Day – Renegade Agent Marketing.

Today was my first day as a graphic design intern for Renegade Agent Marketing.  I basically just got the run through of what they do and how they work. I met the team and got my desk with a double screen computer equipped with Adobe Creative Suite.  Just by chance, the owner of the company decided to take everyone out to lunch so I  got to get to know everyone and get any awkwardness out of the way.  Once lunch was over it was time to get to work.  I was assigned my first project which was to design a logo for a website they were building.  Basically, our company gets contracted to offer business solutions, marketing tools, search engine optimization, web site design, etc. The website that they are working on now  is for a business that is looking to do what we do. It’s called Business Growth Experts.  My initial criteria for the logo was something modern with a green color scheme and they wanted it to symbolize growth.  I began brainstorming and drawing out doodles.  The first thing I thought of was a tree branch or a plant.  Ironically, not 5 minutes later my boss came in an said “Oh yeah, No trees or plants.” So i scratched that idea and just started working on getting the text right.  “Business Growth Experts” is a lot to fit into a logo so I started to realize that the spacing of the text was the most important part.  By the end of the day I had something ready to present to my boss the next day.

First take at Business Growth Experts Logo
First take at Business Growth Experts Logo

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  1. Early feedback is important! Imagine if you had put in 5 hours rather than 5 minutes. Glad you have this opportunity to put your creative skills to work right from the start.

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