First Week At Carnival Cruise Line

My first month at carnival headquarters has featured so many experiences that its impossible to summarize them into one post. So I will break them down into two posts to explain them better.

For starters, I started working in June 1st as an E-Commerce Intern at Carnival Cruise Line. My duties range from doing customer engagement reports, tagging the website using javascrypt snippets, designing banners with Photoshop, doing front-end development, retargeting customers using Audience Stream, and analyzing user data. Even though this may sound like a lot, my main job is to help my supervisor optimize user conversion rate. This means making visitors book a cruise.

When I first came in into team, my supervisor had just launched the first retargeting campaign of the website. The project consisted of retargeting returning visitors with their their last search results. The idea was to track what a user was interested in (destination, ships, cruise duration, port, etc), store a cookie in their computer, and use that data to display a banner in the homepage that showed his past search results and his interests. This saves time for the user so they don’t have to search again. While she was launching this campaign, I did the quality assurance report to see if it worked and if it was ready for launch. Also during this time, my supervisor took advantage to explain all of the logic behind this process and how to create a retargeting campaign. I learned  that they use a program called AudienceStream to create audiences of users based on their cruise preferences, I also learned that they use a CMS called Sitecore that integrates with AudienceStream to display certain content based on the audience that a user is categorized.

These were my main duties and what I learned at my first week in carnival. I will keep posting this week about the next projects that I was in charge afterwards.

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  1. Sounds interesting! This type of targeted marketing dominates the web these days. It is good that you are getting some insight into it from your supervisor. I would learn as much as you can, since many companies use these sort of techniques. Saying you have first hand experience with it may help you secure another position.

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