First Week at ITProTV Internship

This is my workspace while I am directing/switching for Studio 1. The studio is behind the wall and can be seen on my screens with the numerous cameras inside. I am able to give directions from my seat with a talkback button on the soundboard.

As my first week came to a close on Friday, July 1st I really felt at home at ITProTV. My supervisor, Peter, and my mentors, Meagan and Titus have helped me greatly in my first week answering my questions, showing me around, and making sure I understood everything I needed to know in detail. I mentioned in my first post that we have a short meeting every morning all together to discuss what we have accomplished and what we plan to accomplish that day. So far this has been a wonderful start to my days, I have learned so much about ITProTV and what they have accomplished since they have started; with everything they have done I will be proud to tell people in the future I interned with them because I know they will continue to do great things in the IT world. Also in my last post I mentioned that no one went over logistics about clocking-in and clocking-out, etc. On my second day, Denise from Payroll came up to me right after our morning meeting and gave me all the necessary paperwork I needed to fill out and by that afternoon I was in the system. I found out during my first week that I would not get to do any editing in Adobe Premiere for their video content. However, my supervisor said he did realize that this internship is meant to be a real life learning situation and told me that every so often I could follow along with the official editors of the company and go through all the processes they go through. I was a bit disappointed that I would not get to edit on my own but it is nice of them to allow me to follow the process. What I will be doing on my own is working as a director/switcher during live shows which is great all by itself. Exciting news would be that by the third day of my internship they entrusted me with directing and switching alone with no one hovering behind me. My first time at the wheel alone was full of edits but they were thankfully not because of me! Of course I did make a couple mistakes but the real challenge was that we had a guest in the studios all during my first week. Being a guest he was unfamiliar with his surroundings and needed to cut often for various reasons. My mentors praised me for getting through my first week under such circumstances, it was nice to hear that I did a good job. When I did make mistakes, the hosts (those of whom are being recorded live) of the show would be very understanding and patient with me which I was highly grateful for. By the end of the first week I made no switching mistakes and I felt in control of my domain. On the Friday before the 4th of July, things began to wind down in the office since it was a holiday weekend, we were still making content but we could laugh whole-heartedly at simple mistakes and then get right back to work. I am quite glad to be working at ITProTV, it’s a wonderful environment and I love how we can have an enjoyable work day together and still get what we need done.

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  1. Glad you are gaining confidence in their video setup. It would be good to give me a brief synopsis of what this company does in your own words. This is not just because I am unaware of what they do (which I don’t). Someday you will need to explain what the company does to another potential employer. It will be good to practice and think through how you are going to do that via a blog post.

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