First Week at the Design Studio

I have learned a lot during my first week at the internship. My supervisor is incredibly nice, the workspace is clean and beautiful, and the work is perfect in giving me real-world experience. This week, the studio’s manager taught me her methodology to do work, how to organize the workload, and how to use different programs like Filezilla to upload and download files from a server. Another big part of the time she taught me me how to back up and maintain many of the websites from their clients. It was also my first time working with WordPress. I am specially excited to learn how to use this application because it will be useful for the rest of my career. I also had to see some tutorials in to understand its functions better. What was most interesting to me was the amount of work that goes behind building a website. I didn’t know much of it is based on databases and PHP programming. And last but not least, I was amazed by how much you learn by having hands-on experience rather than just being in a classroom. I believe I have learned more in this week than in a lot of my classes in my college. Overall, my first impression of my internship has been great.

One thought on “First Week at the Design Studio”

  1. Glad to hear that you are off to a good start, Hilario. Learning in the workplace is certainly different than most college classes. You have to learn a task for the current situation and then move on to the next thing, which makes it feel like a faster pace. I hope you will use these blog entries to slow down and reflect on those things that move by quickly during your work.

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