First week(May 31th-June 7th)

Last Tuesday I arrived in my home country—Venezuela— for my graphic design internship at the Zulia Museum of Contemporary Art, which aims to improve the lives of the citizens by showcasing the work of local artists from low socioeconomic backgrounds and by organizing educational initiatives in the community to promote the importance of the arts. On Wednesday, I met with my supervisor to discuss some of the projects I am going to be working on. The next exhibit is scheduled to be ready by the end of the month, so I have started working on print and web publications to send out to the community while I look at the museum’s newsletter and website to gain a better understanding of their visual identity. Although they do not have a corporate identity manual, they have a set of parameters when it comes to the color palette, use of the logo and design elements.

I am mostly going to be working with Adobe Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator. However, my supervisor needs help setting up an HTML page with the schedule and program of the month, so I’ll be also working with Dreamweaver for this project. This week I visited the current exhibits with a more experienced intern who gave me a tour and explained the layout of the information/text panels and labels in the exhibits.

Although the people working in the graphic design department mostly focus on promoting current and future events and exhibits, they sometimes collaborate with the education department to advertise their different activities. In conclusion, there is plenty of graphic design work for different purposes and I look forward to learning about the work dynamics to complete it.

This is the ID I was given to be able to walk around the Museum freely

2 thoughts on “First week(May 31th-June 7th)”

  1. Sounds like you are just getting settled in. Besides the schedule project, what other things will you be working on? Or maybe you don’t know yet?

    The lack of a branding guide sounds like an opportunity. Maybe you should suggest taking that on as a project if you have the time.

    1. Yes, I was just getting settled, but the first week of my internship has officially ended. I continued working on the print and web publications to promote the upcoming exhibit. For this project, I collaborated with my supervisor to make sure the composition was balanced and that it had a clear hierarchy of the graphic elements.
      I have also started setting up their email newsletter. It has been an extremely interesting experience since even though I knew how to set up everything in Dreamweaver because I just took Web design this past Spring, I still had to learn the differences that come with working with email. For instance, I learned not to use external style sheets but to use inline styles, and that work best instead of , among many other tweaks. Through this project, I have realized how much I have learned this past year since I did not know how to do every aspect of it, but I had the skills to ask the right questions and figure it out. I have also worked on labels for some of the artwork for the upcoming exhibit by typing the titles, choosing fonts and adjusting the kerning. My supervisor told me there was plenty of work for next week, so I am really excited!

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