Fixing the Galleries

After I did all that work and backdated all the galleries last week, I realized I had done them wrong. Instead of adding a gallery into the post, I simply put the pictures straight into the post. Some of the posts I also forgot to add a featured image, which made just a blank space on the main page where a linked picture should have been. I went back through every single post and added a featured image, as well as changed the line of pictures into a gallery. It definitely looks a lot nicer with it in gallery format, more professional and easier to look through.

After showcase yesterday, there were several winners for the Creative Art department. I believe Jasmine Ramos won the Maris prize, while Anna Chun and Ian Felpel both got honorable mentions. That’s so awesome that there was so much talent that they had a tie! I think I should write a post about the winners, but does that go in a post along with the 2017 Student Honorees or does that go in a post by itself? I’ve put up a draft of the 2017 Student Honorees, I just need the names of the winners to finish that one. After that, the only thing really left is the concert from Computer Music II, which we can create a featured event about. We may need some more profiles as well, but no one seems to want to do those anymore. Maybe Laura should send out one more asking for a last chance mention on the website.

One thought on “Fixing the Galleries”

  1. Laura may be able to coax another profile out of the seniors. I thought the one about Joe was good, and points to the need to profile some young alumni. It also showed me that Facebook Messenger was easier to get answers than email. I’ll have to work some contacts using this method.

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