Future Projects + Connections


It was another quiet day in the office, with most people having left by 1 pm. I got another assignment of color correcting/editing bathing suits and this took me the entire day since there were so many and the bathing suit tops were so intricate. The quiet day gave my supervisor and I some time to actually speak though and he assured/emphasized that even though I am only in the office on Fridays, he hopes to get me as involved as possible. I unfortunately miss the team’s daily meetings and brainstorming on projects, but he’s hoping to somehow incorporate me into those eventually.

I appreciated this talk with him because even after these past weeks, I admit I have not completely connected with the team/my supervisor. He not only told me that as the actual volleyball season arrives I will be assigned true design projects that will be displayed internationally, but that if I ever needed advice or had a question about anything, he was more than willing to help as he could. He told me that he even does freelance so if I ever had a question about that or how to possibly get a job after college, he could try his best to help me. This conversation was the most significant thing of my day because it helped me adjust to the idea that although this is an internship, it can also turn into networking and potential mentors. I’m looking forward to these future projects and everything else that the future may hold.

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  1. Being in the same physical location is so important for connection. I am glad you are realizing this. You can tele-commute, but it won’t connect you to co-workers like real-time interaction. I hope you can find a chance to overcome this at Rox in the near future.

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