Gearing Up for Easter

These past few weeks have been a little hectic with figuring out what’s going to happen with Easter! We’ve already sold out all of our tables, and we’re trying to fit in as many people as possible. Plus, we were able to obtain a sponsorship with the finally-final version of my sponsorship packet! Currently it’s been a struggle to edit the poster that will go around town because it has to really amp up the Easter Sunday Brunch theme. A surprisingly simple poster has become an almost 3 person project with ideas coming out left and right. At the last Sunday Soul Brunch we had to get up about an hour early to be there at 8am, as well as compensate for Daylight Savings which did not work out great for me. At the very least I got some great sleep that night.

I also recently learned how to add slides to the ProPresenter program Collective uses during their Sunday services, which was surprising to me primarily because I had never heard of this program. It’s something like a very advanced Powerpoint that was intimidating, but easy to handle once I used it a time or two. One challenge I need to overcome at the moment is fitting time in my schedule to not only come to my internship hours (which, no worries, I do anyways) but to attend one of their weekly events. More often than not one of my classes or my job will get in the way of their schedule. It’s frustrating, but my goal is to attend something regularly before the semester ends and continue to be a part of the Collective community!

I’ve learned way more than I initially expected (and I was expecting a lot), and the internship is still weeks away from being over. I’m both excited and partially dreading the craze this Easter Soul Brunch will bring.

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  1. Learning new software is a skill in itself. That is part of the reason that we throw so many titles at you in Digital Arts. You get the practice of learning how to learn software. Hopefully, it made the process that much easier for this ProPresenter application!

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