Graduation Brain

I never particularly liked the term “senioritis”. To me, it implies a sort of lackadaisical behavior, as if a senior has determined the last month or two of the final semester simply doesn’t matter. I have found myself experience a different set of feelings as graduation draws nearer, and for the purposes of this web post, I’ll call it graduation brain.

Between trying to keep up with the normal daily to-dos of a student and trying to plan post-graduation life (where to live, on what funds, working or more school), time gets stretched even thinner than usual. What I have discovered is not an urge to ignore my classes and responsibilities, but a difficulty jumping between my here-and-now mindset and my graduation mindset. I must go from signing leases for my next apartment on Sunday to studying for my business law exam on Monday. I’m starting to realize why some students take a gap year after their undergraduate graduation to figure things out.

Just a month is left before I will have officially finished my degree. Right now, that means working hard to ensure that my “graduation brain” doesn’t overpower my here-and-now brain. I’m not feeling the tug of senioritis as I work to finish the last weeks of my classes, internship, and job, but I certainly see the distractions of having to plan the future. In response, I am recognizing that “graduation brain” and keeping it in check.

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  1. It’s tough to keep yourself from looking ahead. Glad you are self-aware enough to keep things in check (even if only part of the time).

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