Graphics, Graphics, Graphics!!!

Per usual, I had my weekly conference call with Heather. Last week she asked me to make some graphics for their Instagram account. She shared an excel sheet with me and told me to make a graphic for each highlighted quote from someone who had attended the event the year before. I skimmed through it and had some ideas based on their color scheme so thought it would be a pretty simple task. However, I soon came to realize that there were thirty-six quotes that they wanted graphics for. The design I had in mind was super simple and chic so it wouldn’t be too complex, but it would be very time-consuming. After completing all thirty-six graphics I let Heather know and she asked that I make 2 for each quote. One that had a colored background and white text and one that had a white background but colored text. This would mean that I needed to make another thirty-six graphics. So, to say the least, it was a very graphic filled week, but I learned a lot of time management and was able to complete all seventy-two graphics on time! I attached a preview of these graphics. 

2 thoughts on “Graphics, Graphics, Graphics!!!”

  1. My advice when you have so many iterations of the same design would be to check in after two or three to confirm the design works for your supervisor. It would be much better to get correction early rather than wait until the whole batch is done. Hopefully you learned that lesson for next time!

    1. Actually, I had the design that they wanted! After checking in they said, in addition, they wanted them with a white background and colored font. I didn’t waste time making graphics they aren’t using as they needed both they just didn’t tell me this ahead of time. So I didn’t mistakenly make 36 extra graphics they just actually needed all of them.

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