Helwig Internship Week 10: April 21st & 23rd

This week marks the end of my internship at WESH 2 news. During this week I still preformed my normal duties of assisting with audio in the morning and prepping shows in the afternoon. I also prepped more movies this week and got to tune in a couple of live trucks for the 5PM newscast. On top of these regular duties, I also explored a couple of different other departments at the television station. Since WESH is a hub station for Hearst Television, I got to sit down and with the head of the traffic department and also the local sales representative. Both of these people gave me really great in site into other job possibilities in television.

During the beginning of the week I talked with the local sales representative, Kevin Orchard. He was a very nice man who informed me of what the normal tasks of his sales reps were and also told me how sales makes money for the rest of the company. Along with that, we went over the day to day routine of a sales manager: talking to clients, maintaining accounts, and going to specific meetings. Overall this meeting was informational and taught me the importance of advertising. On the other end, I meet with the traffic department manager. Now this type of traffic has nothing to do with your car, it has to do with the organization of ads into a day to day log that you watch on TV. So when I talked to the manager at the hub she went though how she takes ads from the sales managers and puts them into a system which then organizes them into the daily log. These logs are usually finished 3 days before they are put onto television. We also went over how she communicates with the head station up in North Carolina to put this all together. This conversation was helpful to me so I could understand how the log was created in master control and to give me ideas of other job opportunities in television. To conclude, this internship opportunity truly gave me a broad understand of television and how to do the task of entry level positions in master control and production.

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  1. Great to hear that you learned so many facets of the TV business this semester. Did they give you any leads on transitioning to a paid position with the company after graduation? It would seem that because Hearst is a large group of stations, they might have a handle on where there are other opportunities within the organization. Hopefully the recommendation from a person here in Orlando would help with other stations.

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