Helwig Internship Week 2: January 27th & 29th

This week in my internship I was working in the same areas that I was discussing my first week. I started out both of my Tuesdays and Thursdays working in master control. For the first hour of my shift I was prepping Family Guy and American Dad episodes getting them ready to go on the air. The process is pretty easy just scrolling though the episodes and marking where the commercials were and also where the segments ended. The next couple of hours I shadowed in master control and took down times that the commercials played so the marketing department has proof for clients that the commercial aired. During this time as well there is a noon news cast where I shaded cameras as well.

After working in the engineering department, I went on the floor where I shadowed the robotic camera person. Just like last week I took notes on the broadcasts on the different camera angles they used. I also learned how to properly test the microphones before the broadcast and how to make sure all of the studio lights look good. Also this week I went in on Saturday to shadow a super bowl special. This was an interesting experience because they used a different part of the set that I have never encountered before. This was the coach set that they used for the morning show. Since I am not there in the mornings I learned the proper way of setting it up and which camera angles to use on it. Overall this week was once again a lot of observation but it was nice to get practice in master control and on the robotic camera.

2 thoughts on “Helwig Internship Week 2: January 27th & 29th”

  1. That’s great that you were able to shadow a different program this week. Beside the different set, were there other differences?

    Sounds like commercial logging is going to be your bread and butter intern task. But it is a good connection point between marketing and production. Be sure to use this and ask questions about both sides.

  2. The content for the super bowl was very different then the regular programing. Most of it was national packages sent in and the anchors talked about them. Also there was different camera angles that were used as well.

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