Helwig Internship Week 8: March 28th & 30th

During this week in my internship I had the same schedule as usual working audio in the morning, then continuing the day with master control work. When I say I am “working audio” in the morning I am purely board operating for the noon show. I am pretty much turning on microphones and bring up music levels when necessary. I also check battery levels on the microphones so none of them die during the news cast. Some of the fundamentals of audio I learned in the intro class here at Stetson has helped me in this area. Like learning the specific measurements of sound. The second half of the day I spend this week prepping movies for the station to use throughout the month. This is a big responsibility since movies come in big reels that have up to 10 segments and they also get a lot of views, so everything has to be correct. This task pretty much took me most of the day since I had 2 movies to prep. One other event that took place this week is that I started discussion with the stations program and media coordinator. I wanted to learn more about the business itself so she kinda took me in and started teaching me. Our discussion this week was talking about the Orlando market and how it consists of three different duopolies, including WESH which is NBC and The CW. She also explained simple programming and why certain shows appear at certain times and how they correspond with advertising for the station. We ended our discussion with an introduction to some of the FCC laws, which we would discuss in more detail the following week. Overall, I was very excited about learning about television programing.

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  1. Glad to hear the audio class had some relevant info for you. It’s a good argument for the kind of cross training that we require.

    Also nice that the coordinator took the time to explain some of the market and FCC regulations. It’s important to understand that TV doesn’t happen in a vacuum and any insight into that aspect of the business is valuable.

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