Highlight of my day

I have been working outside on the pillars.  It is so hot out!  Needless to say, I have covered almost all of the pillars with words except two, which I will be finishing.  I have attached images of the pillars.  I really like how when you walk down the halls no matter which way you are coming from, the words are visible.  Once I am done with all the words I am going to go back and outline them in white so it stands out a bit more.  Yesterday was the first day back for the teachers and school starts this Monday for the little ones.   I have never painted brick before, and what I have learned thus far is how much it soaks the paint.  I also have to work with a rough surface that is hardly smooth or flat.  When my day was over yesterday I headed back to the main office to drop off my supplies in my shopping cart.  Sweaty and tired and not ready to head out to my corporate job; I noticed these two siblings having so much fun with my mural.  The little boy touched the mural and would point out what the images were.  “Book, basketball…” This brought me so much joy to see my work as an interactive piece.  They kept jumping around the mural and picking up on the shapes.  I asked the mother if I could take the picture of them interacting and just absolutely adore this shot.

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One thought on “Highlight of my day”

  1. That’s great to see the kids interact with your work! I’ll bet that was really satisfying. I am really glad to read how your work at the school is already having an impact. I know the rest of the kids and teachers are going to love it too.

    Re brick: new materials are always a learning process. Any time you can test *before* working with the final product, it should be preferable to do that. Maybe you could have gotten your hands on a similar brick from the hardware store and tested the paint first? Anyway, glad it worked out for you, but remember that lesson for the future.

    Let’s not overlook, it’s pretty cool they are letting you put your work directly on these surfaces. I’ll bet you will never look at an empty wall the same way again!

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