I finally got this.

So this was my first blog from July 7th.  Unfortunately I was not using the right page and was just writing directly on wordpress. 


This is my first time “blogging.”  I am new to this, and find it quite awkward but will move along and continue.

I have been honored an internship role through Stetson and now proudly hold the responsibilities of creating murals for an Elementary School in Deland, called Edith 1 Starke Elementary.  I have been in contact with the teacher who organized this and have met her several times as well.  Her name is Ericka, and she is a people person which I like a lot.  When first seeing the school, I was kind of shocked at how bland and drab the school’s buildings are and have been.  The main office is just sterile and white, and the outside is just brick.  As an artist who usually works with a bright pallet, I was personally offended by the lack of color.  Ericka has provided me a list of ideas, and sayings and locations, etc.  They have given me artistic freedom but with the list, I do feel a little constrained in what I should.  My initial sketches were inspired by Matisse’s later cut out works: shapes, repetition and bright color but now that there is some criteria I should meet: symbols, school mascot, etc.  I have some tweaking to do on my sketches over the weekend.  I am quite confident in what I am going to do for this school and know it will turn out great.  Ericka and I have gone supply shopping already and this Monday I start in the main office.  Now, in the main office, I want that mural to be the main piece and have the rest of the pieces I do around the school reflect from that mural, as if the pieces are all part of a set.


I will start updating my posts with pictures and plan on writing another post after my day at school Monday.

One thought on “I finally got this.”

  1. Glad you worked out the technical kinks. Learning WordPress is a side benefit of the way we collect these blog posts. I think you will find it versatile, and who knows, it may even be a useful skill on your resume.

    Working with a client (maybe not the right word, but I will go with it) always feels more constricting that making art for yourself. However, you will open up more opportunities if you are comfortable with both. Ideally, the two will start to feed into each other: people will want to hire you because you make interesting personal work, and having good people skills with your clients will help connect you with new audiences and opportunities for your personal work. Keep this in mind!

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