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This summer, I did an internship at ImageWorks working and learning about the real world of graphic design. I learned a lot of the course of the time working there. i learned about the workplace and what happens behind the scenes. I think it was good for me to experience working for. I got the benefits of working with customers, learning how to install things and learning about a business. When I started working at ImageWorks. I was right in the middle of the action. I learned how to install something onto a car and learned about all the different types of paper. This was definitely important because when a customer would ask for a certain product you would have to know what type you need it to be on. for example, Banner paper is good for inside and outside signs that can be used to advertise for events or just advertising a business. You can also you banner to make picket signs that are used for selling homes and such. Vinyl can be used like stickers. We use a program like Illustrator to create the letters for the vinyl and we actually did the installs. I learned how that whole process went and now if I want to make something from scratch I know how to,

One of the big things I learned during my internship was how to make a book. Previously, I had knowledge to make flyers and pamphlets but I had never understood how to make books or the format. This was important because I had to learn a new program to make the book. I had to learn to have patience working with customers and make sure everything is up to the standards of the business. Of course there is artistic creativity but still you have to represent the business and keep their standards. When I was working there and I would make products, I had to make sure to follow the customers orders in a timely fashion. Also working with customers became a thing I have never really done before on a one on one basis. This helped me more on my communication with other people that I do not know well.

Another important thing I learned during my internship is about business itself. During the time I was there i learned that businesses isn’t always booming. Sometimes there are quiet times where no one comes in and orders things. We still have projects to work on but it is just quiet in the shop with not alot going on in the sales department, we would still be printing and assembling stuff. I learned that there are other parts of a business outside of what it is selling. Filing and sorting was some of the things I did as I was there. It helped me see deeper into the business and got to see the clients that would come back and ask for more business from ImageWorks. This shows persistence and good connections with the customers. When a business acquires a new customer they need to try and keep connections so that they can work with them again. I think that a business with customers that come back is good since they can trust ImageWorks with a job well done. When I was doing filing with ImageWorks. I got to know more about the company itself and learn who they are.

Another thing I learned while working with ImageWorks is working with the company to get jobs done. What I mean is that sometimes not everything is made inside of the store. For example when someone wants a large order of shirts, we sell it to them but the actual product is made out of the state and shipped to ImageWorks. We collect the money and the dividend from buying from a third party site. This is also important to some businesses because not all of their business has to come from the building itself. they can make and do things with partners and still gain a profit off of it. When ImageWorks has to buy from a third party website, they search for what the customer wants and then what they do is send them a list of products for the cheapest prices. This is important because the customers need different options when trying to buy a product from someone. Companies needs to show varieties for products which gives the customer more options.

Finally, I learned how to not lose my creativity when I am working for someone else. When you work for a company they have certain standards for their products and services. They need you to keep up their standards and make sure that they you properly represent them in whatever you are creating. When I am making a product for someone I am also allowed to have some creative freedom in the the item I am making. I started to remember in the job that I am doing I do have to follow protocol but I also have the rights to be able to express myself to make an artistic piece. I should not forget that I have the rights to make my own creative decisions. During my internship when I did have the opportunity to make products, I did have the chance to show my artistic creativity and also make it look professional. I was glad that I didn’t have to give up my ability to create when I was making products for customers. I did enjoy my time at ImageWorks and I took away a few principles that Included making sure I stay professional and up to standards when making a product, I need to make sure that I keep the interests of the customers in the product I am making and also I need to remember to show all the options when I sell a product to someone else. ImageWorks helped me understand more about small businesses and how they are connected with their customers. This is helpful since businesses need strong bonds. I enjoyed my time at ImageWorks and I hope to be able to work with them again.

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  1. Thanks for posting this here, Allegra. Please know that you are required to submit a digital portfolio to me as a final requirement of the internship. Look for an email from me about how to wrap things up.

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