ImageWorks week 10

One thing i have learned here at ImageWorks is how to sell myself as an artist. I have done a few assignments for actual customers while i am here and I have learned not only am I selling a product to a company. I am selling myself. I am showing other people what I can do. This is important because if I am ever required to do a job I can show what I have done and able to replicate or make it better. Selling myself as an artist is good especially in an internship because you have a lot of time to practice and make things perfect and get better if there are any mistakes. I have seen myself improve and seen myself become more professional more than cartoon like. it is good that I can do both because when the time is needed I can create what I need to do and improve on what might be my downfalls. What I saw sort of coming in here was that I had more sketchy type of art but now I have finite lines and more of a clean appearance when presenting my work to others. ImageWorks has taught me that I should try and challenge myself to do better things and always be open to new ideas. As a student still in school its good I got professional practice and still got to do the sketch type of art that I do enjoy. To get better at something you need to take the time to learn new things.

One thought on “ImageWorks week 10”

  1. I am glad to read about this drive to improve, because artists can always get better. It’s good that seeing the level of quality expected led you to evaluate your own work and how to improve it. Are there any courses you will change during your final year as a result of this? Maybe take a drawing class?

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