ImageWorks Week 10

My final week at ImageWorks has already began with a very cool start. This morning upon arriving at work I noticed something out of the ordinary in the shop. There was a huge backdrop labeled with designs for Sheriff Dave Brannon of Volusia County in the center of the building. There was also a lot of camera lighting equiptment along with a broadcast television camera mounted on a tripod. ¬†They were filming a commercial in support of Dave Brannon in the upcoming sheriff elections. Dave Brannon is a frequent customer of ImageWorks. Last week, we made him around 150 yard signs and a banner for his campaign. It was a good experience to be able to assist him in reaching out to the community throughout this election process. Since I also have a passion for videography, it was great to experience other professionals working in a field that I consider fascinating. I spoke with one of the videographers and they informed me that I should contact Jeff Taylor from Stetson because he could possibly have some employment opportunities that could help me learn even more about videography. After giving the videographer my business card he insisted that me and my coworkers get in the commercial as well. Our part of the commercial was to all together say, “I support Dave Brannon!” While its not a big line, it is still a great start of networking in the world of videography and I really appreciated it. The commercial airs on Bright House on July 30th and August 30th.

This morning after we finished the commercial in the shop, I prepped a install for a local construction company. The client wanted his logo and contact information installed on his truck to increase his advertisement in Orange City. I installed the vinyl without any help and the results looked really nice.

I am really optimistic about the rest of the week at ImageWorks. I can truly say that I have enjoyed my time working and interning for them. I would encourage any other student from Stetson thats interested in Graphic Design to apply here as well.



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  1. It’s great that things worked out so well. Sounds like you will leave with a lot of good memories and some worthwhile experiences. Hopefully they help you build your resume for the next steps during and after your time at Stetson.

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