ImageWorks Week 5

This week I had the opportunity to help a new business with creating a storefront design. The client informed me that her business would be very similar to a nail salon but she also specializes in cosmetology. After receiving all of her contact information and hours of operation I began creating a horizontal layout that would best fit her business. I decided to find a clean and elegant looking font in order to attract her target audience and make her service look professional. I am much more comfortable with Illustrator but for this project I used Corel Draw to show my boss that I could learn and adapt to the applications we use at ImageWorks in order to make the printing process easier. I know that showing effort to adapt in any workplace is essential and it will pay off for future employment opportunities. After sending a proof of my design, the client really admired the fonts I chose. She told me she wanted something simple but she didn’t realize that the font itself could truly bring the image of her business to life. After the proof was approved, I drove to get the true measurements of her entrance and the store front window so that my design wouldn’t be too big or too small. I returned to the shop and imported the files into Flexi Sign to prep for the install. I planned on using white vinyl because the windows were kind of tinted and I knew it would make the design stand out. The next day I returned and centered the design by checking the measurements of both sides. I tapped down both sides and installed the vinyl as carefully as possible to avoid heat bubbles. It turned out really great!



One thought on “ImageWorks Week 5”

  1. Good to see the right amount of design. You could have easily over designed this and it likely would have been a turn off to the customer. Instead, the font selection helped convey the essence of the business without adding words to the storefront. Knowing when and how much design to apply is an important skill in itself, and these experiences will help you build that skill for yourself.

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