ImageWorks Week 2

My second week at ImageWorks was yet again eventful and educational. As I headed into the second week I learned more information on how to install things onto different materials and how to better my knowledge on the types of paper. This was definitely cool to see how the different types of paper effected different products. Since I know now how to use both of the printers here at the shop, If I am ever needed to print or assemble something, I have a basic idea of how to do it.

This week I have been still helping make the book for one of the customers. I have had to learn patience and accept that change will come as the book is being made. I am learning how to use new software like create space which is known for publishing items including books, music and other items. I have also been working on window panels for a frozen yogurt company. With the items I have been making recently, I have learned how to adjust sizes of an item onto the canvas like what I have needed to do in my graphic design class. Since the Graphic Design class taught me how to adjust I learned how to use that properly here at the job plus I’m learning how to print on new materials.

ImageWorks so far has taught me how to better work with customers and how to properly adjust to their needs. This is important because in the workplace you have teach yourself how to work with the needs of others. I’m still very excited about working here at ImageWorks because I learn something new every day.

One thought on “ImageWorks Week 2”

  1. Seeing the application of the techniques you have been learning in class can be a powerful thing. Hopefully it helps to solidify those concepts so that you are more confident about them in the future. And customers are often better motivation than grades. I have often said that having a boss and a paying customer are *much* higher stakes than grades.

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