ImageWorks Week 3

This week I did my first installation onto a vehicle. Before this, I had not done it so this was definitely an experience. I had to learn how to properly measure and line things up on the vehicle as well as properly applying them. This touched on the ideas we had sort of talked about and did in our graphic design class where we worked with a 3d model instead of paper. It’s nice to see how things are done on a larger scale instead of on paper, online or even on television. The experience taught me something in it of itself that there is no such thing as a half job when doing something for a customer. I know now that there are certain standards that people expect of others even if they do not work there full time they are supposed to set the standards for the company. I think with my hard work I can and have made a better improvement on how others view ImageWorks by my quality and speed of what I do.

Another thing I learned this week is about proper time management and knowing your deadlines. When a customer wants something done by a certain day you should be able to produce to them the final product. It’s sort of like working in the classroom but the difference I think is that along the way, you and the customer talk and there are changes that might be made as you are making progress on the product and art. You have to learn how to work fast and get things done in a timely manner especially if a customer comes in on a Monday and wants his product by Wednesday. I have improved on the speed of my art and the quality of what I can do.

One thought on “ImageWorks Week 3”

  1. You said: “there is no such thing as a half job when doing something for a customer.” Boy, this is *SO* true! And the sooner you learn it, the faster you will progress in the business world. Glad to read you are coming to that realization during this internship. It will serve you well in the rest of your schooling too.

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