ImageWorks Week 4

This week on my internship i learned more about the production side of a business. I worked on cutting and weeding which means taking excess vinyl out of words. That was sort of hard since the letters were small and hard to cut. This taught me to be careful and be more watching of how I do my job. I had to learn to patience with small objects and learning how to work with vinyl and cutting it. This was definitely different from what I was used to so it got me out of my comfort zone which was good. I got to learn more about the assembly of an object like how to make stickers and such. This is critical because in the business world you know people have stickers, banners magnets and etc. This showed me that there is a reward for being patient. As I improve my cutting skills I take time to notice details and make careful cuts so the product looks clean when i am finishing. Not working on the computer shows that I can do more other than designing and creating a piece of art. As I try to learn new things this is also expanding my mind making me able to be open to new ideas which makes me more available for others who might see potential in me.

One thought on “ImageWorks Week 4”

  1. Glad you are getting some experience in the transition from computer design to physical product. It is important to remember that your digital work has a tangible outcome. Keeping this in mind will likely change your work flow.

    Side note: You had a few odd verbs in the beginning of this post (watching and patience). Make sure you proof read your posts. I know this is supposed to be informal writing, but you want to make sure to put your best foot forward on the internet when your name is attached.

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