ImageWorks week 5

Organization in companies is a crucial part in any company. As I am working here in ImageWorks I have been doing a lot of filing to keep the company organized with their physical inventory. With this a company can find customers easily and go back to see what they ordered last time and see how much they charge. This is also resourceful especially if the computers are down and you need to see a previous product that a customer ordered. When I first started to organize, I thought it was a worthless project or a fill in project that did not mean anything. Now as I work I have seen many things come out of this process. For example, I have been able to see how long customers have been coming back to do business with ImageWorks. I have learned that they can keep a strong connection with them and see that they are reliable and can get their products to them in a timely matter. Also other than then time the product is made with some professional and personal touch. Filing also can show how successful a company might be.For example if you have lots of papers with returning customers, that can show that a company is doing well. People come back to ImageWorks because they know that they are getting good quality products and they are getting the service they need for their businesses. When I first started i though this would be a tedious job but now I am actually taking something away from a business perspective.

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  1. Good perspective on the meaning behind all that paperwork. Was any of that evolution based on conversations with your supervisor? I would be good to get their input of the customer relationships they have built over the years.

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