ImageWorks Week 4

I can truly say that I feel experienced now. I have worked with numerous of customers and businesses all over Orange City. Working here at Image Works has helped me gain tons of experience from networking. Meeting clients face to face allows a relationship to be established that will ensure business in the future. This week I completed my first job without any help at all. The client wanted to detail his car with his transportation service logo and contact information. I quickly created a proof for him to look over before the install and he was really impressed. I prepped all artwork on Corel Draw X7 then transported the file into Flexi Sign to prepare to print. He recently painted the car black so I knew he wanted a design that would stand out. I decided to use white vinyl because I knew that it would best fit the overall theme and professional look of his service. After seeing the car he was so impressed that he brought another one of his service vehicles so that I could apply the same design. He also told my boss that since I  worked so fast he would allow me to put Image Works advertisements on his back windows. We immediately took advantage of this opportunity and applied our logo and number. My boss was very proud of me and told me that I if I keep this up I could be working my way into a permanent position throughout the upcoming semesters. Overall I hope I can keep this productive mentality throughout the rest of the internship.

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  1. Nice job! That sort of cross promotion is very important in local businesses. Getting an advert on that rear window can net ImageWorks more customers. But more importantly, that positive experience will help them get more referrals.

    Glad to read that they have enough confidence to let you work independently.

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