ImageWorks week 6

Here at ImageWorks I have seen alot of repeat customers come in for new or existing jobs that they would like updated. They come back because they know that a product is good and that are getting their moneys worth on something they need for an event or for regular business. Companies that come to ImageWorks know that they are getting a professionally made item made with top quality. Some of the products I have seen that are being ordered might be expensive but they are made with top quality products that will last for a long time. When I asked Ms. Sherri how does she keep such loyal customers, she replied that she makes sure that they are satisfied with the product, that there are no mistakes and that we will work with the customer to fit their potential budget and create the best products available. Stetson University is a customer of Imageworks. They have been for years. The reason being is because Ms. Sherri has made them successful products that Stetson is proud to show off to others. Some of the baseball banners and plastic footballs have been made by ImageWorks. They have their work everywhere and it shows how good of a business they are. Stetson can easily come back to ImageWorks and know that whatever they want they can get it and know its the best quality out there. When you make something for someone else you have to make sure you are doing your best and trying your hardest or else you will not get the return customers that you would want.

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  1. Guess my last question anticipated this post. You are getting some good insight into the customer relation process. Without customers, you don’t have the opportunity to apply your craft.

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