ImageWorks Week 6

At the end of Week 6 I’m realizing that my responsibility and role in the shop has become very important. My ability to design and create products for our most consistent customers has increased our overall income. My co worker Marissa has been at Image Works for seven years. She usually handles all of the new clients and I assist her with difficult projects that require more than one person to install.

I am really getting comfortable with working independently as well. When Marissa is really busy with other clients, my boss gives me a list of all the products we need to create for the week. Our most consistent client is a company named First Quality Plumbing. We always design yard signs and install vinyl on their business trucks. This week I was instructed to create yard signs in Corel to inform people that they’re hiring plumbers for their business.

After receiving the company’s logo and phone number, I began to create a proof on Corel. I chose to use red letters to make sure the sign was bright enough to get people’s attention. I knew that the letters had to be really large and proportionate so that when we print on the vinyl it would look clear and not distorted. I sent the company a proof and they were really impressed. The only thing correction I needed to make was to center the whole design to make it look more professional. I also had to create a layout for a promotional banner using only their logo and phone number.

I really felt accomplished after completing these tasks. I was glad to get a critique from the company so that I could make my design look better. I impressed my boss and made her realize that she can trust me to handle designing and producing products for clients on my own.


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  1. Again, great to hear you are gaining some autonomy. I would be good to ask what makes a project OK for you to tackle alone and what they feel needs to be done by a regular employee. It might give you some clues on skills you need to work on developing between now and graduation if you hope to go into a business like this.

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