ImageWorks week 7

When describing a company, most people would probably use the word efficient. The dictionary describes efficient as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense or working in a well-organized and competent way. Most businesses try to emulate that type of lifestyle and make sure that they are giving customers what they want. They want to get a job done in a timely matter but also work fast because as they are working on one project they are 10 more that can come in. In business you cannot put all of your time into one thing and forget about others. College is the same way with homework and projects. Companies need their employees to be efficient and create a good face to them so that when a customer comes back they know they are getting what they want and the time that they want it. In a business there should not be a lot of downtime and there should be productivity in the office so that when others see the work coming from the place they want to come back and also it brings in revenue for a company. Connections can also be very efficient. finding partners and people who exel at what you might not be so good at makes a company well rounded and can relieve a person of a job they might not be good at. For example here at ImageWorks Ms. Sherri hired a business intern because she needed help with finance and other types of things she does not particularly excel in. This makes the company more efficient.

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  1. Another good business concept to key in on. You have to deliver quality results on time. That means being efficient.

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