ImageWorks Week 7

I can tell that we will be very busy this week at ImageWorks. This morning we had a meeting regarding all of the projects we have to take care of before Friday. One of my co workers will be out this week so the workload and overall pace of the shop will be chaotic. My boss always encourages that she would rather us be late with excellent quality products than to be on time with poor quality products. This does not mean that its acceptable for a customer to come in and wait for us to finish something. She continues to pressure us into working hard and making sure we have all jobs completed in a timely manner. I know that this work environment will help me become a overall better artist because I sometimes have difficulties with procrastinating and finishing projects on time. I can now experience working at a efficient pace and also completing things ahead of time to give me the opportunity to go back and critique my own work. Today I was able to install something really cool for a local businessman. He owns a BBQ business and we usually buy food from him every Friday at noon. He informed my boss that he would be hosting a cooking competition and he needed cool designs for his BBQ pit. He needed the designs right away so he could attract customers and build his cliental while at the competition. After printing out the design Marissa created, I installed the vinyl really carefully. It was kind of difficult because it was two different layers that needed to be installed exactly on top of each other in order to make the design come to life. Despite the harsh temperatures, we were able to install the vinyl on the BBQ pit before dehydrating in the Florida sun.

Design Jake Competition BBQ PitPIt

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  1. Those look like some small surfaces to get decals on, but it’s hard to be sure from the pictures. Might be good to make note of dimensions on particularly tricky surfaces. Approximately how big was it? Those trailer hitches are usually about 3 inches high, right?

    1. Yes the trailer hitch was exactly 3 inches high. Therefore our design in Corel could not exceed 2.5 inches. The printers always ensures a perfect print and cut for the exact dimensions that we need in order to get the job done.

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